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Use and Maintenance

Simple care is needes for the maintenance of Kartell products to retain the original features of the materials.


Plastic materials


  • Use a soft damp cotton cloth with soap or a liquid detergent, preferably diluted with water.
  • The use of the following substance must absolutely be avoided: acetone, trichloroethylene, ethyl alkohol or detergents containing even small quantities of these substances which cause irreparable damage to the plastic of which the products are made.
  • We recommend always using a damp cotton cloth to prevent plastic surfaces from becoming charged with static elektricity which attracts dust. Also avoid abrasive solvents, clearing powders and creams, steel pool or rough sponge cloths.
  • POLYCARBONATE - we recommend using the SCREEN CLEANER ( antistatic cleaner on LCD screen without alkohol ). Apply a screen cleaner to a cotton cloth ( Never spray directly on the product ), Clean the product and polish it. Do not use a microfiber cloth!
  • POLYPROPEN – soap or clean lukewarm water, polishing with a dry cloth.


  • Do not drag objets across the plastic surface, even if it has a scratch resistant finish, since sharp objects can damage the plastic just as they would damage wood or metal.
  • Do not place very plates or pots directly on the surface, but always use a cloth or trivet.




  • As with palstic surfaces, use a soft cotton damp cloth.
  • Do not use alkohol or other spot-removers. 
  • For a deeper clearing uase a little non-abrasive liquid detergent and wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Dry the surface well with a soft cloth.
  • Never use acetone, trichloroethylene or ammonia.


  • Moisture inwood can cause swelling which is normal in a natural material. Our woods hold up well under normal temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Slight color variations from one piece of wood to another are normal and thes tend to desappear with time. Wood can chase color over time. To delay this, it is best to avoid placing itin direkt sunghligt.




  • Normal dirt on either painted or plain metallic steel or aluminium surfaces must be removed with soap and water ( preferably hot ) and neutral liquid detergent, dry with a soft cloth or with a chamois cloth.
  • Never use clearing powders, abrasive or steel wool pads,which can cause scratching, or liquid detergents that contain chlorine or its derivatives such as bleach or muriatic acid.


  • Avoid spilling grapefruit juice, cola,salt and coffee on metal surfaces. These can cause indelible stals.
  • To remove black marks on aluminiuum chair legs, products especially made for steel finishes or non-abrasive car polishes are recommended.  



  • Kartell uses different kinds of covers, for each one you may find the appropriate cleaning and usage instructions within the instruction card enclosed in the packaging.