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Take a seat, relax and enjoy - Take a seat, relax and enjoy    Another brand new model coming out in 2016 is the Largo, a sofa system with various possible con gurations that offers solid support and a linear design thanks to its wide cushions


This product is rendered particularly special by the textiles research that went into it, representing a new eld of development for the Kartell Soft collection. In fact, the Kartell Soft catalogue has now been completely updated with a broad choice of fabrics (cotton, linen, tre- vira) both in plainer versions and patterned and graphic models (various oral patterns, houndstooth, stripes) for the indoor models of the Pop, Pop Duo, Plastics, Plastics Duo and Trix by Piero lissoni and the Foliage by Patricia Ur- quiola. 


In addition, the Pop Outdoor collection has various new textile variants in both its basic and striped versions. Today, the world of upholstery is not just a stylistic experiment for Kartell. Rather, this sector has been honoured with a dedicated catalogue and a collection of fabrics that have been carefully designed to adhere to the company’s style. Designed by Piero Lissoni, Largo is a linear, generously proportioned sofa system offering various configurations.



Ferruccio Laviani has created the Kabuki floor lamp. A seductive actress with sensuous curves and a neo-Baroque look, the Kabuki lamp is injection moulded using mass-coloured thermoplatic technopolymer. The sophisticated technology used – Kartell`s speciality, for which it is an undisputed global leader-makes the product sturdy a stable while at the same time its perforated surface conveys an ethereal image. 


Although at first sight it may appear to be the fruit of careful craftsmanship, this product is in fact strictlz industrial and made from plastic. The Kabuki floor lamp is injection moulded. The sophisticated injection technology used makes it possible to crate a woven structure similar to lace with a unique perforated surface through which the light is diffused.


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