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Smart Wood Collection - Kartell Smart Wood Collection    When wood meets technology, poetry is made

At Salone del Mobile 2018, Kartell’s technological innovation has sparked a revolution in design with a style that explores the new boundaries of contemporary living.

The world is evolving and becoming smart: we use smart devices and are surrounded by smart objects, and the future will also be smart. It is a trend in constant evolution that marks so many aspects of our lives and requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves and our day-to-day existence. Kartell could not remain untouched by this evolution, which is not only formal but also related to culture and customs. Design goes beyond the conventional relationship between shape and function and technological innovation - which has always been part and parcel of the brand as regards the objects and materials used - and is the spark for a true smart revolution. We are talking about a revolution that has come about of its own accord, without the need for superstructures for its development or narration: it is the language of simplicity, a dialogue between shape, matter and creativity that suggests and helps to define the functions of individual projects.  

The Kartell Smart Wood Collection was born from continuous research and innovation, elements which form part of the company's DNA.The creative concept developed by Philippe Starck began with the choice of a natural material like wood, which was transformed by Kartell into an industrial product. Using wood sourced from certified forests with minimal consumption of raw materials in each element of which the product is composed. 

Using patented technology, just a single fine layer of wood is worked with a mould designed to bring the 3D curvature of the panel to the very edges to create a seat with unprecedented roundness. Kartell has managed to bend this material in 3D in two directions, horizontally and vertically, to create three-dimensionality in which even the side sections create welcoming curves, to ensure maximum comfort while embracing the designer's creativity. 



Why has Kartell chosen to use wood?
Research and innovation are part of Kartell's DNA, leading to a collection that uses a natural material, like wood, to make industrial products, thanks to a patented technology that allowed 3D curvature of the panels. 

Kartell loves planet
Attention to the issue of sustainability, minimal use of raw materials and wood sourced from certified forests. 

Product comfort
The innovation of the material and technology allow the creation of a sinuous and easy-to-shape material, like a plastic material, thus obtaining a product that reflects the creativity and design of Philippe Starck and guaranteeing optimal seat comfort. 

Great price on the market; price comparable to wooden products made with 2D rather than 3D technologies, such as the Smart Wood collection. 

The Smart Wood collection includes the following products:

K/WOOD armchair in royal style, available in wood or with leather upholstered seat
S/WOOD footrest with the same finishings
Q/WOOD armchairs in wood with white or black plastic seat
P/WOOD chair seat made entirely of wood

Available in basic veneer, made with plywood of overlaid beech, or slatted ash, in which the stripping and cutting of the trunk make the wood grain visible. Both the finishes of the light or dark wood, can be combined with chrome steel legs for the light version or black painted legs for the dark version.

The finish of this chair is the result of an advanced industrial technological system that uses a natural material like wood. Therefore, different shades and veins can be present for each product, representing the unique and precious beauty of this material.

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