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Shibuya, smoke - yellow - blue

With Christophe Pillet's Shibuya vases, Kartell conducts an experiment that is unique in the world: making plastic “precious”, rich and full-bodied, as if it were blown glass from Murano. Shibuya vases have a pierced lid that can transform them into table accessories and not just decorative objects. Beyond their multi-functional aspect, the unique aspect of this project is the fact that the vases have two coloured bands with no interruption in the material's surface, guaranteeing perfect water tightness. Colour is the key player in this project: its intensity and depth, combined with the full-bodied plastic, makes this object especially precious, even though it is made industrially and sold at an industrial price.

Weight 1.37 kg
Material PMMA
Dimensions ∅ 27 cm, h. 22 cm
Outdoor use yes
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