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Salone Del Mobile 2019: Kartell Windows - Salone Del Mobile 2019: Kartell Windows    In 2019, Kartell celebrates its seventieth anniversary through an exciting calendar of activities, combining the launch of several new, technologically innovative product families with cultural events that not only embrace historical memory but also look to the future.

Indeed, the company’s watchword is evolution, in a constant dialogue between creativity and technological development. This essential commitment is an integral part of Kartell’s DNA and of a growth process which is attentive to both the demands of modern living and to good sustainability practices.
In its seventy-year history, Kartell has devoted great attention to research, innovation and technological development processes. Quality, design and industrial products have distinguished its progress over time, starting from functional objects for domestic use which revolutionised the history of post-WWII design, through to the creation of the most sophisticated products which team manufacturing technology with innovative materials like carbon and biopolymers. The company’s history is intertwined with the dedication and passion of three generations who have been actively involved in the development and evolution of a brand that today boasts over 350 stores in the world’s top shopping streets.

“We first organised a network of retail spaces, that today spreads right across the world, thanks to partners who believed in our brand,” states Kartell President Claudio Luti. “Over the years, the company has designed communication and merchandising tools to make our stores increasingly consistent with their products. Without our stores, our products would serve little purpose, they would be merely objects, and it is crucial that our window displays and layouts best represent our brand image and its changes, and enhance the individual products by allowing their diverse origins and characteristics to coexist. We must continue to nourish and nurture this leadership, further improving performance, of course in collaboration with all of our partners worldwide.”

Kartell has always placed its customers and their needs at the centre, developing products which are innovative in design and production technology. At the Salone 2019, on the occasion of its seventieth anniversary, Kartell wants to celebrate its design and its distribution network with “KARTELL WINDOWS”, a project that transforms the stand into a walk through, in an architecture made up of 22 windows, each of which can be rebuilt by the customer in their own space, and in which the various forms of product display are exemplified, mixing historical pieces and new additions, all in the catalogue and available for immediate delivery.


Woody Collection – design Philippe Starck

Today, continuous technological research allows Kartell to use wood in an absolutely innovative way: thanks to a special patent, the wood is machined with a mould that can extend the limit of curvature of the panel and create the frame of the chair with sinuous curves.


“WOODY answers a desire and also a need for wood. This collection is not a fantasy because it is based on the basic human need to be surrounded with signs reminding nature and predicting the future. After more than 30 years of research, we have finally created wooden seats that really express, thanks to the alliance with plastic, the true essence of wood.” Philippe Starck


Be bop - design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

A project that brings different languages together. A chair that combines several expressions in a single vocabulary, tracing the lines of the most traditional carved African stools and merging them with the American design of the golden years, echoing the concept of curved multilayer plywood.
The result is a cultured yet wild design: it is no mere coincidence that Be bop, its name, represents the jazz movement, characterised by fast tempo and innovative harmonies. Available in white, grey and black for indoor and outdoor versions and with a gold metal finish in the indoor version only.

S/Matrik - design Tokujin Yoshioka

The brand-new stool joins the family of seats created by Tokujin Yoshioka and is crafted using a mould which enables the recreation of a 3D net that overlaps and crosses over. Thanks to a special injection technology, the layers of transparent or mass-dyed polycarbonate create a structure moulded in a single piece, which simulates a metallic net, with a painted or chrome-plated structure, painted with stainless steel for the outdoor version. Available in the following colour/structure combinations: crystal/chrome, white/white, white/chrome, black/black, black/chrome in the indoor versions and white/white, black/black in the outdoor versions.

Big Battery - design Ferruccio Laviani

Maxi version of the night lamp with dimmer switch, 100% rechargeable thanks to a simple electrical plug which offers up to 8 hours of power. Like the mini version, this makes it easy to move, ideal for temporary contract set-ups, for use in cafés or in open air restaurants but also for the home, the bedside tables and the angles of the atmosphere. The maxi version also comes in a version with an electrical cable. Both available in crystal, plum, blue and cola.

Trullo - design Fabio Novembre

Trullo is a table container with conical lid, inspired by the architecture of the typical houses of Alberobello in Apulia. Fabio Novembre continues the creative path influenced by the architecture of his homeland, which after Piazza, the tray that reproduces the surface and the geometries of the squares of Lecce continues with Trullo containers, available in crystal/fumé, sage green/pink, fumé/green, yellow/blue.



Componibili Bio - design Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Componibili Bio are container units which have been part of the Kartell catalogue for over fifty years, now made, for Salone 2019, with a revolutionary new material developed by the Kartell research department, in collaboration with Bio-on, which has constantly tested and improved both the organic characteristics and the industrial performance of this attractive and well-made product. Available in green, pink, taupe and yellow.


Kartell Flowers

An explosion of spring in the brand-new floral fabrics in a range of patterns, used to upholster Kartell’s historical chairs, such as Clap and Foliage by Patricia Urquiola, Trix by Piero Lissoni and the new Cara chair by Philippe Starck in an outdoor version.



Glossy - design Antonio Citterio

This historical family of tables, ideal for both home and office and characterised by elegant and refined design, is enriched by new marble finishes. Round or oval tops are available in versions in ceramic with a white, black or grey marble finish tropical, symphonie, brown emperador, aged bronze and a chrome-plated, gilt or black-painted steel structure. The light chrome-plated, gilt or painted steel structure with its particular use of the cross element that joins the legs on each of the four sides, supports the top, available in a range of materials.


Betty - design Piero Lissoni

The sofa, with its slender profile and delicate shape, available in two or three-seater versions, is proposed with new faux leather in black, greay, taupe and tan.


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