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Fabio Novembre 2017
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Lantern by Fabio Novembre is an original portable LED, transparent, “chargeable”, injection moulded lamp that charges by placing it onto a charging base. The light is projected by a graphic effect of the design.

Weight 0.86 kg
Light source 1.2W LED, 2700°K
Material PMMA
Dimensions w. 9,5 x h. 31 x d. 9,5 cm
Outdoor use yes
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Fabio Novembre - Eur and Lantern
Fabio Novembre - Eur and Lantern   
Apr 10, 2018
Fabio Novembre and his ironic and visionary style will be featured on Monday 15 January 2018 at a special exhibition dedicated to the designer at our Cologne Flagship Store on the occasion of IMM Cologne. Three new products will be the focus: the EUR stool, the Lantern lamp and the Componibili Smile, a playful reinterpretation of the icon created by Anna Castelli Ferrier Detail
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