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La DoubleJ launches an all new collaboration with Kartell - La DoubleJ launches an all new collaboration with Kartell    Kartell and La DoubleJ are pleased to announce a brand new collaboration launching at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in April 2018. Kartell, world-renowned for their top quality Italian lifestyle and high design, and La DoubleJ a new Milanese lifestyle brand specializing in vintage print-centric fashion and homewares, come together in a rousing marriage of plastics with pattern.

Creative Director JJ Martin has served as curator, selecting a number of pieces from the Kartell archives - including classic seating, soft furnishing and storage, plus brand new table top items - and matched them with La DoubleJ’s eye popping, signature vintage prints for an all new take on Kartell’s 70 year legacy.
“The idea for La DoubleJ is to always partner with the very best of Made in Italy whether we’re making silk dresses or porcelain plates,“ JJ Martin says of the new collaboration.  “When it came to our first foray into furniture, Kartell was our top choice. Working with Lorenza Luti was an absolute pleasure and her family’s iconic furniture is the perfect home for our vintage prints.”


“The partnership with La DoubleJ – says Kartell Marketing and Retail Director Lorenza Luti – came about almost by chance and in an entirely natural way, as often happens for the most unexpected and successful things. The harmony between Kartell and La DoubleJ stems from the many factors shared by the two brands: their ironic and positive view of reality, their pursuit of quality and elegance, their super trendy and exclusive style, elements that go perfectly well with the spirit of Kartell’s lifestyle. I think that another element of affinity is the ability of La Double J of expressing itself with a global language, whilst retaining its deep Milanese roots and, likewise, Kartell positioned itself across the world as an international company and an ambassador of design made in Milan”.

In keeping with Kartell’s magical plastics heritage, seating is the centerpoint of the collection, given a maximalist spin with the addition of La DoubleJ’s vivacious vintage prints. The first piece in the collection is the Patricia Urquiola-designed Clap chair. The rounded form of the armchair will come with an upholstered body and plastic legs in contrasting colors. There are four options: Geometrico, designed in the 1970s; 1920s-designed; 1920s-designed Olive; and Picnic, again from the 1920s. The second is the square-edged Philippe Starck-designed Madame Chair, a boxier option that will come upholstered in a number of vintage prints: Lilium, designed in the 1990s; Uccellini Blu from the 1940s; 1980s-designed Ruote; and rooster-patterned Galletti. Lastly is Kartell’s ground breaking Joe Colombo designed 4801 chair. Originally designed in 1965, it has been reimagined with an opaque white plastic body and fabric seat cushion in Geometric. 
The rest of the collection is organized into three pattern-clashing vintage print families featuring furniture and table top items that are meant to be easily mixed and matched together. 


1920s NINFEA & 1907 TULIPANI
The bright yellow-tinged greens of La DoubleJ’s vintage floral Ninfea print is matched with the hot pink and forest green of Tulipani. The boisterously colorful motifs are perfect for children’s play spaces or casual family room. The main component of this group is Tulipani-printed Trix. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it takes the form of a convertible lounger strung together with a system of elastic bands that functions as a sofa, pouffe or daybed depending on how its soft elements are arranged. To accessorize this statement piece, cushions in both Ninfea and Tulipani will also be available. For storage, the iconic Componibili, the stackable plastic storage system designed by Kartell founder Anna Castelli Ferrieri, also gets the DoubleJ treatment. A smaller two-story piece comes in allover Ninfea print, while a larger 3 story version comes with a cream body and Ninfea printed on the sliding front panels and flat top. Oval-shaped carpets printed in macro-sized versions of both patterns round out the offering.

The second bold pattern pairing is graphic red, black and white Geometrico with the fan favorite rooster-covered Galletti print. The center piece in the collection Joe Colombo’s 4801 chair with cushions in Geometrico. There are three versions of the Componibili: two with cream bodies, one in Geometrico and the other Galletti, and one with a red body with Geometrico sliding doors and top. Geometrico-printed carpets are available in a square version with macro print as well as a smaller rectangle version. Rounding out the offering are Clap chairs in both Galletti and Geometrico, as well as a Galletti-printed cushion to accessorize.

1920s OLIVE & 1920s PICNIC
The most minimal vintage pattern pairing is deep green and black Olive matched with Picnic, a turquoise and deep pink floral motif. The Tip Top side table features a round tabletop inset with Olive-printed fabric covered in plastic atop a solid white pedestal base. 
Brand new to both Kartell and DoubleJ are placemats formed in Kartell’s signature plastic. Rectangular placemats in rigid plastic are available in La DoubleJ’s signature prints: Galletti, Olive, Ninfea and Pic Nic.