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Kite Shelves, crystal

Patricia Urquiola 2015
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Kite Shelves, crystal

This shelf comes from the desire of the designer Patricia Urquiola to create a customizable wall supports system; a shelf with simple and elegant shape, with its tapered thickness, and the edge that takes substance thanks to a circular connection between the surfaces. Each unit contains a coloured grid, which enriches the surface of the transparent plastic of which they are made. The geometric design expresses a three-dimensional graphics between the external and internal lines. This shelf, alone or in a composition, is perfect to give colour and light to the walls of any environment. 

The Made in Italy shelf has a depth of 17.5 cm, width and height of 23 cm. Available colours are delicate and elegant: crystal transparen, light blue, green, amber and pink.

Weight 0.57 kg
Material technopolymer
Dimensions w. 23 x h. 23 x d. 17,5 cm
Outdoor use no
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