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Kartell by Laufen - Kartell by Laufen    Kartell by Laufen made its debut in March 2013 for the ISH/Frankfurt, a leading international trade show in the bath sector. During 2013, it quickly garnered the praise of the international design public during a packed schedule of events in the most important markets of the world: Milan, London, New York, Miami and Paris, ultimately winning the extremely ambitious EDIDA prize (ELLE Deco International Design Awards) for 2014 in the bathroom category.

Kartell by Laufen is a complete and integrated bath project, inspired by Kartell’s iconic design, along with Laufen’s quality. The offerings include various bathroom furnishings, accessories, toilets and taps. They can be varied to suit numerous possible moods and colours, transforming now and again into a completely different environment. Kartell by Laufen hits the market with desirability and seduction, and has great persuasive capacity. It’s an attainable dream, with a sophisticated yet accessible aesthetic; it’s chic yet understated.

Design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba


Round mirror with a transparent or coloured PMMA frame, with a unique pleated effect. The possibility of applying transparency even to gold and chrome, makes this mirror an extremely versatile and transformational design piece, suitable for use in contemporary and minimalist, or eccentric and anticonformist spaces. Part of the Kartell by Laufen bathroom project, it can also be used in other parts of the home like the entranceway, living room or bedroom. 

Measurements: Diam. 78cm, H. 4cm
Material: mirror and PMMA or ABS for the frame  
Colours: transparent glass, tangerine orange, amber and metallic colors, chrome, gold, copper 



Multi-shaped and multi-purpose shelving system, stackable and modular, offering the possibility of creating a variety of geometric and chromatic compositions. This accessory can play the dual role as both container and room divider. It is a go-anywhere object that can fit in any corner of the bathroom and even in other parts of the home.

Measurements:  L. 75cm, D. 26cm, H. 53cm 
Material:  PMMA  
Colours:  transparent glass, smoked glass, tangerine orange, amber, sunset blue


Max - BEAM 

Monolithic stool/table made of transparent plastic, with a thickness that emphasises its geometric purity. A practical, functional and versatile accessory, for use anywhere in the home.

Measurements: L. 33cm, H.47cm, D. 27cm   
Material: transparent or mass-coloured PMMA  
Colours: transparent glass, smoked glass, tangerine orange, amber, sunset blue  



The Rifly lamps join the Kartell by Laufen bathroom collection with two different models – the hanging lamp and the wall sconce. With essential lines and functional design, the two models come in crystal, chrome and gold versions. Although created for the bathroom collection, Rifly adapts to a wide range of uses.

Measurements “pendant”: Diam 8cm x H. 30cm; Diam 8cm x H. 60cm; Diam 8cm x H. 90cm;  
Measurements “appliqué”: Diam 8cm x H. 30cm  
Material: PMMA 
Colours:   transparent glass, silver, gold 



Wall shelf You can never have enough shelf space. Made of transparent methacrylate, this shelf is fastened to the wall using special plastic dowels and brackets. Thanks to its simple, pure form it can be replicated as often as you wish and creates a "now you see it, now you don't" camouflage effect that makes the surrounding area light and airy.  

Measurements: L. 45.2cm, H. 4cm, D. 15.5cm  
Material: PMMA  
Colours: transparent glass, smoked glass, tangerine orange, amber, sunset blue and metallic colors, chrome, gold and copper   



A towel rack with a minimal and functional design, available in three sizes, that harmoniously blends into any bathroom environment, thanks to its combination of lightness and solidity, practicality and style.

Measurements: L. 30cm, H.4cm, D. 7,5cm; L. 45xm, H.4cm, D. 7.5cm; L. 60cm, H.4cm, D. 7,5cm;  
Material: PMMA  
Colours: transparent glass, smoked glass, tangerine orange, amber, sunset blue

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