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Kartell at Designblok 2015 A tribute to Milan and its icons! - Kartell at Designblok 2015 A tribute to Milan and its icons!    As part of Prague Designblock, Kartell's Flagship Store in Revoluční 1084/14 will be transformed into the twin of the brand's Milan store. The space will be decorated to resemble some of Milan's icons while displaying the company's very latest products.

Kartell will be lifting the curtain to reveal its flagship store in Revoluční 1084/14 decked out in a homage to Milan and its icons, in honour of the city playing host to Expo 2015 until 31 October this year. 

Centre stage are the store windows, which have been designed with eye-catching curtains and beautiful red velvet window decals. Behind each curtain lies one of Milan icons - reinterpreted and creatively paired with Kartell products.

One window depicts the city's Duomo with its famous spires and the golden Madonnina "chatting" to the Masters Precious, now in production. The Via Montenapoleone fashion district map also has its own window featuring Philippe Starck's Madame chair dressed in World of Emilio Pucci edition fabrics dedicated to 4 different cities (New York, Paris, Rome, Shanghai). Other latest collections on display are the Battery lamps by Ferruccio Laviani in colors and the Kartell in Tavola collections by Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud and Davide Oldani.

Therefore, the Prague Flagship Store offers a veritable homage to Milan and its icons, always keeping the excellence of design as the most important Kartell’s watchword.

New products on show:

MASTERS PRECIOUS Design Philippe Starck

A Kartell bestseller and one of the brand's global icons, the Masters chair now has a luxurious new look. As part of the Precious collection, production of the metallic version of the Masters was finally launched in 2015.

Its exclusive, dazzling gold, silver and copper metal finishes make this seat even more exquisite. The high-quality and cutting-edge metallisation process used by Kartell is the fruit of major research and investments, all aimed at achieving a flawless result in terms of aesthetics, touch, durability and paint adhesion.

Kartell has set the scene for the Masters Precious with a background depicting Milan Cathedral's famous spires and its Madonnina (a symbol of the city) chatting to the chair's curves and twists.



JELLIES FAMILY (Kartell in Tavola) Design Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola's Jellies Family collection for Kartell in Tavola is full of colour, sparkle and glamour.  It is a whole new way of thinking about how we serve food, personalise our dining tables each day or jazz things up for a special occasion. Whether it's an open-air picnic, an everyday lunch at home or a dinner party, the Jellies Family / Kartell in Tavola collection by Patricia Urquiola seamlessly blends in with any style and taste. Equally at home on classic or contemporary, minimalist or heavily-laden tables, Patricia Urquiola's  Jellies Family creates an easy mix of styles for an original "art de table". Aside from exploring aesthetics, Patricia Urquiola also celebrates the enormous versatility of plastic, transforming it into a legitimate, high-quality material that perfectly complements even the most sophisticated of recipes.


MADAME World of Emilio Pucci Edition Design Philippe Starck

5 cities, 5 different moods: Milan, Rome, New York, Paris and Shanghai.

Cities of the World by Emilio Pucci is a special collection of limited-edition scarves that pay homage to  various different locations through modern picture postcard illustrations with a personal feel. These corners of the globe are key cities for Emilio Pucci and all play a role in making its stores feel at home wherever they are. Each city depicted has been assigned its own original colour scheme. The Madame chair (a Philippe Starck design) features printed fabrics depicting stylised versions of the architecture, landscapes and fascinating traits of some of the world's major cities, leading you on a virtual journey through colour and design. The latest version of Madame – World of Emilio Pucci Edition is dedicated to the city of Milan (new for 2015) and adds to the existing four models portraying Rome's Piazza di Spagna, New York's skyscrapers, the Avenue Montaigne in Paris and the famous Shanghai skyline.



BATTERY: an explosion of colour to light up your world! Design Ferrucio Laviani

This iconic lamp is made from transparent PMMA and truly embodies innovation, with rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 hours. As a result, Battery is incredibly versatile and flexible. It is therefore the contract market's ideal solution for use in open-air cafés or restaurants. Last January the home of the Italian ambassador in Paris played host to a particularly interesting example where, to celebrate a gala dinner hosted by Kartell, Battery lamps lit up the palace's entrance with their enchanting warmth.

For 2015 the lamp's palette has been broadened to include 8 colours: crystal, smoke, orange, fuchsia, green, blue, and the gold and silver "metal" versions. This extremely versatile piece communicates its heart and soul in any situation, creating a special ambiance whether indoors or out.


Opening hours during Designblok (22.10. - 27.10.2015)

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