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How to shop?

Selection of goods and placement into the cart​

  • Select a product you want to buy from the entire assortment of Kartell products by means of filters or search.
  • Place the selected product in the cart by means of clicking on the “Buy” button.
  • Check the contents of the cart. You may return to selecting other products, or you may proceed to the next step.

Selection of the means of transport and payment​

  • Select the means of transport and payment that suits you best.
  • Select personal collection or delivery via a carrier for your order.
  • If the products are in store, select from the options of payment in cash, with a credit card, on-line payment card or bank transfer.
  • If the products are to be made to order, select from the options of a 50% or 100% advance payment. 

Delivery details​
Fill in your delivery details. If you registered with us, fill in your login data. Otherwise, you may either register, or shop without registration.

Shipment of the order​
We start to process your order after you submit the cart. You will receive information regarding the further progress on your e-mail address specified in the delivery details. 

Selection of goods and placement into the cart

Selection of goods​

  • Select a product from the entire assortment of Kartell products by means of filters or search.
  • If you know the name of the product, e.g. Masters, enter the name in the search bar situated at the top of the page on the right, next to the magnifying glass icon.
  • If you search for a particular type of product, use the top bar to select the type of goods you’re interested in, e.g. Chairs. Now you can browse the complete assortment of the selected type. Click on the name or picture of the product to get more information about it.
  • If you search for inspiration, or if you’re looking for a product suitable for a specific room or specific purpose, select the Category icon in the upper right bar.
  • You may save all the products you found interesting for you next visit in the Wishlist section by means of the “heart” icon.


  • In the detailed product page, select the amount by means of +/– and click on the “ADD TO CART” button. The window with the contents of the cart will be displayed automatically, prompting you to select from “Show cart” or “Continue shopping”.
  • In the cart, you may adjust the amount of the selected products by +/- or delete it by X.
  • If you’re done selecting the products, click on “Proceed to the next step”.