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Generic A

Philippe Starck 2017
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Generic A

"Generic is an ambitious project of profoundly ethical connotations, in which contemporary design sets out to fulfil new objectives and creativity is placed at the service of the general public. Thanks to the creative concept by Philippe Starck, Kartell has identified the “generics” of community seating. Hence the launch of Generic A, a chair designed for office environments and available in six different matt and soft touch finishes: it is defined by a high seatback, wide armrests and a functional design. "

Weight 3.3 kg
Material polypropylene
Dimensions w. 52,5 x h. 79 x d. 52 cm
Other dimensions seat w. 36,5 h. 46 cm; armrests h. 66 cm
Load capacity 130g
Stackable yes, 5 pcs
Outdoor use yes
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