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Dune 55x38, red

Mario Bellini 2009
Discontinued product
Dune 55x38, red

The trays is new, original pack. 

What good is a tray if it doesn’t say something to the viewer, to the person examining it, using it? Who is going to remember it? What use is a tray if it is only good for carrying things? The semi-transparent material of these trays with internal sculpting varies in chromatic intensity and luminosity. And projects a magical three-dimensional illusion onto the surface holding glasses and cups. Images fluctuate and flow in these trays. Like mountain streams, rivers of lava, fiery flames. Animated images of the caprices of wind and light. Like the waves on the sea, desert dunes or the shimmering reflections of silk. These rainbow-coloured trays are the first brain children of a family of small objects. Invented and designed to delight you with unexpected emotions.

Weight 2.3 kg
Material transparent PMMA
Dimensions w. 55 x h. 3 x d. 38 cm
Outdoor use yes
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