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Trays & Bowls


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Piazza Piazza Art.No.: 1441 New
In Stock
from 2.850 Kč
Trullo Trullo Art.No.: 1550
In Stock
from 2.800 Kč
Moon Moon Art.No.: 1220
In Stock
from 2.140 Kč
L Americana L Americana Art.No.: 1445
In Stock
from 810 Kč
Dune 46x32 Dune 46x32 Art.No.: 1200
In Stock
from 1.740 Kč
Dune 55x38 Dune 55x38 Art.No.: 1210
In Stock
from 2.310 Kč
Dune Metal 46x32 Dune Metal 46x32 Art.No.: 1201/XX
This item is not in stock
2.710 Kč
Dune Metal 55x38 Dune Metal 55x38 Art.No.: 1211/XX
In Stock
3.720 Kč
Jelly Jelly Art.No.: 1226
In Stock
from 2.540 Kč
Namasté Namasté Art.No.: 1236
In Stock
from 3.210 Kč
Jellies oval tray Jellies oval tray Art.No.: 1580
In Stock
from 1.210 Kč
Jellies salad bowl Jellies salad bowl Art.No.: 1498
In Stock
from 2.230 Kč
Products per page: 12 24
 Title Price