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Designblok 2014 - Designblok 2014    Kartell celebrates 15 years of transparent design - A tribute to the evolution of plastic material

7. - 12. 10. 2014 
Kartell Flag Store

On the occasion of Designblok 2014 in Prague, Kartell is presenting an original scenography entirely devoted to show the evolution of the transparent plastics and of the injection technology: from the La Marie chair in 1999 until the last technological challenge in 2014, the Uncle Jack sofa. On October 8th the Kartell Flagship store in Revoluční 1084/14 will host a cocktail event startig from 6,30pm.

Prague (Czech Republic), 8 October 2014 - Kartell is celebrating its first 15 years of transparent design in furniture, and is doing so with the Uncle Jack sofa (a member of Philippe Starck’s Aunts&Uncles family), renewing a technological and aesthetic challenge it launched in 1999 with Philippe Starck. The company has invested huge human and economic resources to create a record-breaking product: 1.90 m long, 95 cm high, weighing practically 30 kg for the largest piece of transparent polycarbonate ever injected in a single mould.

The design world underwent a polycarbonate revolution at the start of the new millennium, when the La Marie chair went into production following its presentation at the 1999 Salone del Mobile. The chair, designed by Philippe Starck, was the first chair in the world to be made of polycarbonate. In the beginning was La Marie, with a simple and common name, that redrew the domestic panorama 2.0 of industrially-made plastic objects and became the “mother” of Kartell’s greatest and inexorable mission: to make plastic a noble material in the design industry, thereby assigning to it the expression of quality that had previously only been the prerogative of glass: transparency.

With every challenge won, Kartell immediately sets itself a new goal that pushes the limits of feasibility even further. In 2012, it launched a new pioneering project: the first single-piece transparent table with a square top measuring 100 x 100 cm. INVISIBLE TABLE, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, combines lightness and solidity, grace and elegance, practicality and style, purity and simplicity of its shapes. It is a table whose appearance is as ethereal and crystalline as glass, but has the tough and resistant temperament of polycarbonate.

The year 2014 marks the epilogue of this evolutionary and prodigious journey in using transparent polycarbonate injection technology. The Aunts&Uncles family, and especially the Uncle Jack sofa, are the boldest examples yet. However, this epilogue doesn’t mark the end of the story, instead it is the beginning of new challenges: this technology’s story actually has no end at Kartell, instead, it is “to be continued”.