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Crossing Generation - Crossing Generation     Kartell has launched Crossing Generation, a long-term project about the brand’s approach that looks at various audiences. The company, which has always worked indirectly on products and independently of the target, chooses to relate with young people and use a language that embraces different forms of artistic expression and communication.

“There are already representatives of the new generations who are design enthusiasts and play an extremely keen and adept part in the world of Kartell: the aim is to encourage this bond and offer interpretive insights says Lorenza Luti, Kartell Marketing and Retail Director. This doesn’t necessarily mean to create specific products: the commitment is rather to offer a dedicated avenue that can bring different generations together. We want to bring out all the energy of new generations, which is completely in keeping with the transformational, smart and dynamic spirit of Kartell.”

For a week, the Flagship store in Via Turati will be one big art gallery putting forward and displaying the ideas of “Kartell for young people”. There is the excellent endorsement of artists from the world of art, music, design and fashion who each express what Kartell is for young people in their very own way.

For the design week, the Flagship Store will be home to the ten protagonists of the project: the stylist Diletta Bonaiuti; the entrepreneur Marie-Louise Sciò; the group of designers at Fabrica; the artist Ignasi Monreal; the jewellery designer Madina Visconti Di Modrone; the couple on loan from the world of music Mara Maionchi and Lorenzo Licitra; the stylist Marcelo Burlon; the unusual duo formed of the design expert Cristina Morozzi and her YouTuber granddaughter Sofia Viscardi; the Sciuraglam social account and, lastly, the young Chinese designer Xiang Guan.

Diletta Bonaiuti 
Going beyond the boundaries of fashion and combining it with furnishings: this is how the stylist Diletta Bonaiuti youthfully interprets the desire to revolutionise compositions and create an ironic garment with the plates in the Jellies Family collection by Kartell. It is a whole new way of “savouring” fashion. FASHION BREAK “Dressing oneself is a necessity, accessorising oneself is a luxury.”


Marcelo Burlon
Generation X has revolutionised the way of living fashion: seeing it no longer as a diktat to be followed but as a form of self-expression and a way of saying something about oneself. The key word is personalisation, one that Kartell has always endorsed. In its pursuit of a dialogue with the world of fashion, the brand proposes a special collection by Marcelo Burlon, who offers personalised graphics with the proprietary logo on some iconic products developed for the X Generation company.
“I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with an iconic design company in Italy like Kartell and to make my mark and apply my colours on timeless articles.”


What space should be given to talent? Fabrica - the multidisciplinary research and training hub of the Benetton Group - has no doubt in its mind: young people and their creative energy come first and foremost. The Papyrus chair stars in the video “Wanted creativity again” which calls for the new talents of Generation X.
WANTED CREATIVITY “Kartell is the scene for broadcasting Fabrica’s call to all young creatives under the age of 25. Papyrus is an excellent endorsement of the space for the new generation of creative artists. Fabrica, “embraced” in the chair by Kartell, is shown on camera calling out for the creativity of the future.”


Xiang Guan
Young people’s perception of the world is by its very nature subversive and asks us to see the role and hierarchy of things in a new light. The young Chinese designer Xiang Guan makes us look beyond the mere use of objects and imagine that they have their own identity, and that even two chairs may occasionally feel like a carefree walk in the rain!
SUNDAY “Everything has its own life and role in the world. This project aims to make people see objects and their identity in a whole new light. Objects are not just things to be used, but can also have their own life and serve a romantic purpose after they reach the end of their useful life.”


Mara Maionchi + Lorenzo Licitra
A voice is also given to the world of music with a set and a special panel formed of Mara Maionchi and the winner of the 2017 edition of Italy’s X Factor, Lorenzo Licitra. And like music, design can break down the barriers between the generations and become a vehicle for telling stories and conveying emotions in new ways. Just as a lamp can transcend its function and be used for the memories of a life in a photo, a table can unexpectedly become carte blanche for writing the lyrics of a song. Mara Maionchi “Both my husband and I have a love for lamps. We like table lamps because they create a warm atmosphere, especially in the sitting room. They are practical as they cast enough light to read, but not so much to distract you from a good film. When switched off, I can use them as photo frames.

I have always had a thing for combining old and new: personally speaking, I think we should always look back at the past with joy rather than nostalgia. Longing for the past makes you old faster.” Lorenzo Licitra “I love beauty and art, and I am fascinated by design. I love what is in the past and has made history, and all that is new and has yet to make history. I detect this special mix in what Kartell has to offer. I have chosen a delightful little table where I can write my favorite lines from my song “In the name of love” with an indelible marker: it represents both a metaphorical and physical support of my musical creations. It perfectly embodies my world - a crossover of lyrical and pop music - combined to the world of design, so close to all generations.”


Ignasi Monreal
The work of art by Ignasi Monreal tells of the need of the Crossing Generation to communicate and “leave a mark”. The scratches on the windows of means of public transport, instinctive signs of tales, trials and tribulations, are brought to the world of homeware for seeing the home from a different perspective.
SCRATCH ME “Scratch Me” is an installation inspired by scratched glass normally found in public transportation and its adjacent spaces. Scratching glass is a spontaneous form of self-expression, a response to the human need of leaving a mark behind. Typically seen as mindless and juvenile, to me scratched windows are romantic city landmarks, memorabilia of personal and euphoric impulses. I liked the idea of this effortless gestures of public spontaneity and wanted to bring them into the personal space of a home. I chose the Ghost collection as it is a perfectly transparent canvas. Using a key to scratch its surface, the pieces are set against a background to emphasize the markings.”

Marie-Louise Sciò
The new generations have roots everywhere and nowhere, they speak a global language, and interpret travel as a form and style of life. The installation by Marie-Louise Sciò - Vice President and Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels, an icon of luxury hospitality - interprets the world of hotels for young people creating a dialogue between the past and the future.
THE SECRET LIFE OF HOTELS “The concept is to bring a plastic object, like the Kartell Lantern lamp, into an ancient dwelling from the 17th century: La Posta Vecchia Hotel. The purpose is creating a dialogue between past and future through an ancient dwelling and a modern material like plastic into a magical setting, the one of luxury hotels.”


Old is the new young! Kartell’s infinite combination of styles is also endorsed by the grandes dames of Sciuraglam, the social profile that celebrates Milanese “sciura”, the prototype of refined elegance. It is these grandes dames who surprisingly adopt Kartell’s youthful, linear and dynamic style in videos that capture this unexpected endorsement.
LADY KARTELL “The idea of a Milanese lady of a certain age always conjures up the image of a house furnished only with antiques or in something like the Liberty and Art Deco style. Now that these ladies go on social networks, I have wondered how they would furnish their houses today. I like to think they would not follow the stereotype but rather would choose the eclectic simplicity of Kartell, its historic products but also more recent designer objects, and I have imagined how they would live their daily lives with our company’s products.”

Cristina Morozzi + Sofia Viscardi 
The video installation of the reporter and curator Cristina Morozzi and her granddaughter Sofia Viscardi, a YouTuber and author of two bestselling books, is about the role of design in everyday life and the relationship with Kartell and its philosophy and products. An original video tells of this intergenerational debate and the story of the world of Kartell, both in the past and in the future.
Cristina Morozzi “The purpose of design should be to make people feel good where they live. I would like Kartell to continue to surprise me. I expect to see something I never expected.”
Sofia Viscardi “I find the atmosphere at Kartell very lively and welcoming. I love the vibes. My bedroom, too, is an explosion of emotions and colours. It is my own space and I like to feel good in it.”


Madina Visconti di Modrone
The young jewellery designer Madina Visconti di Modrone interprets the intergenerational dialogue as a way of bringing together of disparate aesthetics and the exuberance of colours and proportions with essential design. The concept is by its very nature constantly changing and evolving. PSYCHADELIC JUNGLE “I seek a happy medium between my concept of ‘more is more’ and the essential nature of Kartell: the result is a combination of many elements - plants of various sizes and species, and others that are out of proportion - in a monochrome context evocative of what Kartell is all about.”