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Philippe Starck 2018
In Stock 1 pcs
4.645 Kč (net)
5.620 Kč

A chair for both outdoors and indoors – available in different colours – that represents the essence of the classic chair. “Catwalk is the chair we’ve always seen in the Haute Couture fashion shows. A chair of French and monarchical origins, which solves the extreme paradox between humility and elegance”. Philippe Starck

Weight 4.8 kg
Material polycarbonate
Dimensions w. 53 x h. 81 x l. 54,5 cm
Load capacity 130 kg
Stackable yes, 5 pcs
Outdoor use yes
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New products by Philippe Starck
New products by Philippe Starck   
Nov 24, 2018
Kartell chairs have always been a great success in the brand’s products. Chairs, armchairs and stools can express and synthesise the great technological research of the brand in a single object with extreme simplicity, and they then become strategic elements to immediately distinguish the environment with the Kartell lifestyle. Detail
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