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Big Battery, crystal

Ferruccio Laviani 2018
In Stock 2 ks
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7.020 Kč
(7.020 Kč/ks)
Big Battery, crystal

Maxi version of the night lamp with dimmer switch, 100% rechargeable thanks to a simple electrical plug which offers up to 8 hours of power. Like the mini version, this makes it easy to move, ideal for temporary contract set-ups, for use in cafés or in open air restaurants but also for the home, the bedside tables and the angles of the atmosphere. The maxi version also comes in a version with an electrical cable. Both available in crystal, plum, blue and cola.

Weight 0.83 kg
Light source 3W LED, 2700°K
Material PMMA
Dimensions h. 37,3 cm, d. 17 cm
Outdoor use yes
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